Top 5 Web Analytics Tool Alternative to Google Analytics

Top 5 Web Analytics Tool Alternative To Google Analytics-Big5 Network

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What are the Web Analytics Tools That Are Alternative to Google Analytics for my Business?

Above all, we know that Google Analytics is the most popular Web Analytical tool, which is free and very much reliable to use as it comes under Google’s product. However, we consider and advise our clients to use these Web Analytics Tool Alternative to Google Analytics for their websites.

Let’s say you create a website, but to get the information about the traffic you can’t just predict the source and the behavior. Furthermore, you need to track and understand your traffic in and out data with what to look for improvement and whether your website is meeting your expectations or not. The first phase for any business is to choose a Web Analytics Tool and install it on their website be it an eCommerce store or a communicating blog so that you can improve the Search Engine Optimization(SEO) process for better results.

We have mentioned below the top 5 Web Analytics Tool Alternative to Google Analytics. Reviewing their analytical suite to the user interface, one can consider even more as an alternative to Google Analytics.

Therefore, to rank according to our analysis and marketers, let’s quickly look at the list of Top 5 Web Analytics Tool Alternative to Google Analytics to measure and improve your website’s overall performance.


Leadfeeder-Web Analytics Tool Alternative to Google Analytics

Pros: Leadfeeder is a sales lead generation and Web Analytical tool for B2B companies that let you know more about your website visitors and converts promising visitors into sales leads. This software gives such advanced analytics that Google Analytics just won’t do. It shows you a list of companies that have visited your website. Moreover, you can see what pages they loaded and how they found you. It will help to understand what content is useful for potential leads before converting/not converting the potential leads. The interface is well laid out and the setup is effortless. You will get visibility over your web traffic. Moreover, you can integrate and automate with your CRM and email marketing tool.

Cons: So far, this Web Analytics Tool does exactly what everyone needs. Saying so as no one is perfect, for the large organization and managing their verticals, Leadfeeder can improve on user management and on-boarding / off-boarding sales.

Leadfeeder Price Table
Leadfeeder Price Table

Pricing: Leadfeeder comes at a reasonable cost and the pricing is based on how many unique leads it finds. One can start with a free version with restricted features and move to premium with a monthly cost of $69.


Kissmetrics-Web Analytics Tool Alternative to Google Analytics

Pros: KissMetrics is a well-known Web Analytics Tool and extremely helpful to summarize the user’s activity. It has more accurate tracking and better pricing for a B2C company. Kissmetrics offers a lot of data and a great set of tools and options. KissMetrics offers a neat dashboard that allows for the creation of amazing reports, even when data is not so well organized. It allows you to use API so you can integrate it with your marketing automation system and score leads and follow up on email or phone conversations. It offers multiple report types to analyze and interpret user behavior on a micro and macro level that is perfect for various business functions. One of the loving features is the activity view feature which can track visitors’ activity and behavior on sites. KissMetrics always improve the platform and release useful new features.

Cons: Initial setup and the UI can be a little confusing at points but not a deal-breaker. Online training videos would help. Even having a lower price option might be beneficial for some. Otherwise one of the recommendations among the analyst.

Kissmetrics Pricing Table
Kissmetrics Pricing Table

Pricing: KissMetrics offers three SMB and enterprise pricing packages to meet the needs of different users. It has a demo session of any of the packages and the starter pricing is $299 per month both for SAAS and eCommerce.


Real-time Web Analytics – GoSquared-Web Analytics Tool Alternative to Google Analytics

Pros: GoSquared provides real-time website analytics and visual graphs which break down traffic by day/week/month. The interface is very user-friendly and the modules are easy to move. It gave online businesses a 180-degree angle turn as it is a combination of Analytics, CRM, Live chat, and marketing automation. It provides analytics to identify opportunities for growth and innovation of your products/services. The live HeatMap feature of the Web Analytics Tool gives any viewer an easy-to-understand explanation of where visitors are from. The live chat feature on ios and Android with a daily report emailed to your inbox is the most loving feature among the users.

Cons: It’s inconvenient for those business owners who often prefer mobile over the desktop as the features are somewhere limited on the mobile version. Otherwise, this Web Analytics Tool is excellent and preferable to small business owners.

Analytics Plans and Pricing – GoSquared
GoSquared Pricing Table

Pricing: GoSquared pricing is based on how many total monthly pageviews and total profiles it finds for respective analytics and live chat plans. An early-stage business can get access to just $49 per month. The suite plan comes with $79 per month and if you got an enterprise then it’s better to customize the price accordingly.


Mixpanel-Product-Analytics-for-Mobile-Web-More-Web Analytics Tool Alternative to Google Analytics

Pros: Mixpanel tracks interactions to surface information that provides valuable insights that enable businesses to make smarter decisions, break down the knowledge, and drive data-informed innovation. It provides consistent and precise client behavior analytics for mobile as well as web apps. Mixpanel evaluates and then displays the data in a way that is powerful, wide-ranging, and easy to comprehend. It has a fairly updated and renewed interface. It helps users to know which customer is following up, how they are inviting their friends, and who are leaving in between the process. With only a few points and clicks, Mixpanel is easy to use and enables the users to speedily make graphs and charts. One of the loving features of Mixpanel is Cohort analysis.

Cons: People may find it complex to use at the beginning but with explanatory videos on par and with the help staff of the program one can solve the issue. Even the integration with mobile iOS/Android is not necessarily smooth.

Mixpanel Pricing _ A Plan for Every Product
Mixpanel Pricing Table

Pricing: Mixpanel is cost-effective and the pricing scale is based on monthly tracked users. Having a free plan for 1,000 monthly tracked users to a starter plan of $89 per month with more features.


Illuminate the Full User Journey - Heap

Pros: Heap gathers data from users’ interactions on your platform or website. With that, it generates useful infographics, heat maps, funnels, and even more. With this Web Analytics Tool, you can collect tons of relevant info to understand your customers and the way they interact with your site. Heap is super easy to set up and manage. Heap’s design and functionality are beautifully empathetic and user-centric. One feature that places Heap above all the other Web Analytics Tools is the auto-capture feature. Heap automatically records every event from all of your users and the historical stats of those events are easily available ever after year. The Heap team is always striving to come up with better ways to define reports and gather data.

Cons: This Web Analytics Tool is very productive but has a high cost that prevents its implementation in small businesses. It requires a bit of set-up out of the box in terms of the reporting/analyzing piece of the business.

Heap Pricing Table
Heap Pricing Table

Pricing: Unlike others, Heap is a bit expensive as the startup plan costs $499 per month. Still, for young businesses and side projects, there is a free plan with limited session volume. The enterprise-level custom plan comes for businesses that rely on customer data and behavioral analytics.

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